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7 Actual Fun Things to Do in Denver During COVID-19 Closures

Updated: Apr 5

While some places are beginning to reopen, the current COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our favorite summer activities. However, there are plenty of new and alternative activities to try in and around Denver! Don’t feel like you need to compromise your summer plans because of COVID-19; we at Denver Walking Tours are here to help! From outdoor art to incredible wildlife, this list has you covered!

1. Missing the Denver Zoo? Try the Rocky Mountain Arsenal!

The buffalo at play at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Photo by Mariah Wilkerson
The buffalo at play at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Photo by Mariah Wilkerson

While the Denver Zoo is unparalleled with it’s lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), you can get an up close wildlife experience at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in North Denver. You can go for an 11 mile drive through herds of native bison and deer. If you’re lucky you might be able to spot a few wiley coyotes! This is a great way to get personal with some of Colorado’s native wildlife. If you want to get out and stretch your legs, the Arsenal has 10 miles of hiking and walking trails. The 2 mile loop around Ladora Lake is a great place to practice your birding and look for waterfowl. Don’t forget to bring binoculars for an incredible game of I-Spy wildlife!

2. Like the Museum of Contemporary Art? Head to RiNo’s Crush Walls.

CRUSH Walls in RiNo features hundreds of street art pieces like this. Photo by Mariah Wilkerson.
CRUSH Walls in RiNo features hundreds of street art pieces like this. Photo by Mariah Wilkerson.

While the Museum of Contemporary Art is temporarily closed, head outside for a city of street art! Denver is filled with graffiti art - if you know where to look. There is street art all over the city, but one of our favorite areas is the RiNo art district. The Crush Walls include over 100 works of art, spread across 10 city blocks. The murals are constantly changing so the experience is different every time!. The Crush Walls began over 10 years ago and have been filling this city with unique art ever since. Make street art your afternoon, grab an iced coffee and go for a wander around RiNo looking for the perfect Instagram photo! For the current list and locations of their art check out:

3. Missing the playground? Go to Garden of the Gods!

Garden of the Gods beauty. Photo: Pixabay
Garden of the Gods beauty. Photo: Pixabay

Denver has temporarily closed all playgrounds in the city, so head to one of nature’s playgrounds - Garden of the Gods! Just 90 minutes south of Denver, at the base of the Rocky Mountains, is one of Colorado’s best Natural Landmarks. With stunning views over the front range and Colorado Springs, you won’t be disappointed. The rock formations are great for climbing - you can do formal rock climbing or head on a hike and explore the safer rock formations on your own! More information on rock climbing in Garden of the Gods can be found here.

4. Looking for Flowers? Try Well Gulch!

Colorado's best hikes with lots of flowers! Photo: Pixabay
Colorado's best hikes with lots of flowers! Photo: Pixabay

The Denver Botanic Gardens has started to reopen, but if you’re looking to avoid lines and crowds head to Well Gulch in Lory State Park. It’s 90 minutes north of Denver and just west of Fort Collins. The Well Gulch trail is an easy 2 mile mostly flat loop, but filled to the brim with wildflowers. With both a creek and waterfall along the way, you’ll be transported out of the bustling city life and into nature. To make for the perfect day trip from Denver, stop off at Walrus Ice Cream in Fort Collins on your way home!

5. Missing Denver Museum of Nature and Science? Dig for Dinosaurs in your Backyard!

Look up Dinosaur Ridge as another great place to see dino fossils! Photo: Pixabay

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a phenomenal collection of dinosaur fossils and artifacts, but while the museum is closed - you can search for dinosaurs in your own backyard! Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed on the land that is now Colorado. During the Cretaceous Era, the strong rivers flowing off the Rocky Mountains created the ideal conditions for dinosaur fossils. Sedimentary rock, rock created by pieces of many other types of rocks (and fossils) piling on top of each other, was formed at the base of the mountains - where Denver sits today. The rivers were able to quickly preserve many dinosaur fossils including Triceratops and T-Rexes. Just last year Triceratops fossils were found in Highlands Ranch! The perfect storm of geological phenomena in Denver means that you could find a dinosaur fossil in your backyard! If you find anything that looks like a fossil you can contact the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to help identify it!

*Thanks to Victoria Crystal for her help with explaining the geology of Denver!

6. Want to head to the Water Park? Go to Bear Creek Lake Park instead!

Bear Creek Lake Park. Photo: Pixabay
Bear Creek Lake Park. Photo: Pixabay

Although Denver is not a coastal city, there are plenty of opportunities for playing in the water! Head to Bear Creek Lake Park, just outside of Lakewood, to get your fill of water sports. You can rent SUP (stand-up paddle boards), kayaks, or paddle boats. Water Skiing is also available to those adventurous at heart! There is even a proper sand beach on one side of the lake, the perfect place for sunbathing and swimming. With shaded picnic tables, it’s the perfect day to bring a packed lunch. If you’re not interested in swimming or water sports, there are plenty of hiking and biking trails to keep you busy. Or you can give your best shot at the archery range!

7. Explore the city on foot with Audio Adventures!

Self-Guided Audio Adventures for a tour whenever you want!

The crew of talented Denver Walking Tours guides narrates these self-guided Denver tours for a great time seeing, experiencing and exploring Denver's unique history, architecture, and landmarks on your time! They're a fun activity to do during this time of more physical distancing, a fun date idea, and perfect for anyone who want to see Denver from a whole different perspective. These are not your typical self-guided tours; their fun, light-hearted, led by locals, and take you to the places and share the stories that are a little bit more hidden and less touristy, plus they throw in lots of local favorites and good recommendations, all for less than the cost of a fast-casual lunch.

With three self-guided Denver tours to choose from, all you need is a smartphone! Once you purchase the Audio Adventure self-guided tour of your choice, you'll receive an email with a unique passcode. Just download & open the app, enter your unique passcode and... take the tour whenever you choose, knowing that the app will operate just like your GPS, providing you with turn-by-turn directions!

Just because COVID-19 has changed our plans, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to enjoy your summer with some COVID-19 friendly things to do in Denver. Let us know in the comments what your plans are this summer and if you have tried any of these options! If you like this post, be sure to follow our content on Facebook and Instagram!


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