• Jill Collins

Top 7 Unique Things To Do Off the Beaten Path in Denver

Unique things to do in Denver
Denver's Union Station

In Denver, Colorado, you'll find incredible natural sights, historical landmarks, exciting nightlife, and great museums. But every once in a while, you might want to try out something different, unique and thrilling.

Guess what? Denver doesn't lack in that area either!

Some of Denver's unusual places will scare you right to the bone. And some will show you a city full of creativity from a new perspective.

Keep on reading to learn about the top 7 unique things to do off the beaten path in Denver!

Fifty-Two 80’s

Unique things to do in Denver
The perfect way to take a trip down nostalgia lane.

If you spent your childhood watching Saturday morning cartoons, playing Atari, or watching Hulk Hogan, you'd feel at home in this place.

Fifty-Two 80's is a jam-packed place that takes you back to the era of the 80s and 90s. You can get some of the coolest antique and pop-culture symbols from that era to take home with you. It wouldn't be wrong to call it a pop-culture museum, but the best thing is, you get to buy stuff here.

Fair warning, though, the nostalgia may hit you so hard that you might end up wishing you could travel back in time! It is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Denver if you want to take a break from the old and traditional and great for a rainy, cold or snowy Denver day.

Denver Floatation Center

Unique things to do in Denver
You feel like you're floating in the ocean...

No matter how many aromatherapies or massages, this unique experience will be unparalleled.

Worthy of being one of the top 7 unique things to do in Denver, Colorado, you get to float in water in total silence in your private tank. It doesn't get any more zen than that! Plus, the water is saturated with Epsom salts, so you get to heal yourself as well while relaxing in this serene pool.

Let your mind wander, take deep breaths, and forget what's stressing you for a while as you float unbothered.

The Ghosts of Capitol Hill Walking Tour

Unique things to do in Denver
Denver Ghost Tours don't get better than exploring Capitol Hill on foot

Nothing can be more thrilling than an eerie walk through the strange places and creepy Denver past. The Ghosts of Capitol Hill Walking Tour stands to be one of the most exciting, scary and fun Denver walking tours.

On this walk, you go through the city's most haunted neighborhoods, such as the infamous Cheesman Park.

But don't get scared just yet because you'll also get to uncover a hidden burial ground and you run a chance of seeing ghosts at the Molly Brown House, or perhaps the site of the now demolished Henry Treat Rogers Mansion.